Doctor vs. Executive: The Key to Running an Efficient Chiropractic Clinic

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February 15, 2017
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Doctor vs. Executive: The Key to Running an Efficient Chiropractic Clinic

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It takes more than a skilled practitioner to own and operate a chiropractic clinic. That idea may shock some chiropractors, especially those who devote countless hours to championing their craft. However, the practitioners who actively network, frequently publish and commit to industry advancement are not necessarily the ones who will master chiropractic marketing, staff hiring and training, or other aspects of chiropractic business management. What kinds of practitioners learn how to open a chiropractic clinic that is poised for growth?

SoVita Chiropractic Center™, a rapidly expanding chiropractic franchise, has helped practitioners streamline their chiropractic business management strategy as they learn how to open a chiropractic clinic. In the process of refining our model, we’ve discovered that efficient clinics are owned and managed by practitioners who are both technically astute and business-minded.

Chiropractic business owners tend to think like chiropractors

It’s easy for chiropractors to think like chiropractors. We invest in years of education and training, and possess a deep passion to serve others through chiropractic. Our industry is advancing every day, so it’s easy to immerse ourselves in the details of providing quality chiropractic care. However, a growth-oriented chiropractor understands how every aspect of a practice – from layout and décor to interactions with staff – contributes to the patient experience. There are ample opportunities to increase a patient’s value for chiropractic long before an exam or assessment. Efficient chiropractic clinic owners can identify these opportunities and craft a chiropractic business management approach to leverage them well.

Efficient chiropractic clinic owners have an executive mindset

Effective chiropractic clinic owners are more than just skilled practitioners. They are smart businesspeople as well. They balance the technical components of their job with the ins and outs of running a sustainable operation – including financials, human resources, marketing, payroll management and more. In doing so, they understand the importance of implementing proper systems and infrastructure. More importantly, they frequently assess performance in each department using comprehensive data and de-bug the areas that need to improve. When chiropractors challenge themselves to think like executives, their chiropractic office management strategies are goal-oriented, measured objectively and fine-tuned for optimal efficiency.

Learn how to think like a business owner with SoVita Chiropractic Center™’s chiropractic franchise model

Let SoVita Chiropractic Center™’schiropractic franchise opportunity give you the supportyou need to think like an executive as you discover how to open a chiropractic clinic. Download our FREE growth guide to get started – or speak with a member of our franchise support team today!