How to Measure Performance at Your Chiropractic Clinic

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March 15, 2017
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How to Measure Performance at Your Chiropractic Clinic

Design Your Business Plan

Efficient chiropractic business management can help any clinic run like a well-oiled machine. When chiropractors properly equip and evaluate each department, they can quickly uncover inefficiencies and debug those areas for optimal performance. Chiropractic franchise opportunities like SoVita Chiropractic Center™ provide struggling chiropractors with the tools to do so. Our team helps practitioners identify key performance indicators and generate useful data to develop a systems-based practice. With our support and unique chiropractic franchise model, SoVita Chiropractic Center™ franchisees can make data-driven decisions to put their practice on pace for growth.

Are you a practitioner seeking performance-boosting strategies for your clinic? Here are a few chiropractic business management tips to help you measure performance effectively.

Develop a chiropractic business plan based on departmental goals

Chiropractic business management involves holding each department accountable for a particular aspect of the operation. Consider that each department within your practice is responsible for a specific “product.” As with any product-driven effort, there are goals in place to track production trends and gauge progress. At SoVita Chiropractic Center™, we encourage franchisees to mirror this approach within their clinics. We teach them how to set realistic goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for each department and the specialists within them. Then, we help them to tailor their chiropractic business plan around the pursuit of those goals.

Analyze and debug underperforming departments

Chiropractors who want to develop a systems-based practice often struggle to identify which area needs debugging. Our chiropractic franchise model encourages practitioners to embrace data-driven decision-making. We believe that practitioners can measure the quality of each department’s “product” using pre-determined KPIs in order to assess performance objectively. With the data they generate, it should become easier to pinpoint which area of the practice needs immediate attention.

Adjust your chiropractic business plan accordingly

Chiropractors are business executives just as much as they are practitioners. With that, they understand that chiropractic business plans tend to shift as organizational needs change. As they discover new ways to streamline areas of their practice, they may need to alter their model to support and further that progress. SoVita Chiropractic Center™ assists them by recommending refined systems and processes along the way. Little by little, our chiropractic franchise owners transform their practice and position it for longevity.

SoVita Chiropractic Center™’s chiropractic franchise can help you measure performance

If you are a struggling chiropractor who would like to revitalize your practice, our chiropractic franchise model can help you get started. Let the SoVita Chiropractic Center™ franchise team introduce you to tools and methods that will put your practice on track for sustainable growth. Download our free growth guide to learn more – or, speak with our franchise representatives to discover available chiropractic franchise opportunities near you.